A Revolutionary product that are a Single Ply Multi-layer films that are optically clear, color stable for more than 10 years, have a high degree of heat rejection, plus Ultra Violet ray rejection up to 400nm, plus Blue light rejection. They do not interfere with GPS or Mobile signals. Made by a patented process that is one of a kind, a unique process by which multiple hot resins are deposited one on top of the other to make a single ply film, giving you the performance that surpasses the performance of any other single ply film and many multi ply variants. This film truly cares for you. Variants available for automobile, residential and architectural use. They are supported by the STC Lifetime Warranty.
The HPS series (High Performance Sputter) are 2 ply plus Multi-layer films formulated to provide all the benefits of the Skin Care Series while providing high visibility and clarity, recommended for automotive & architectural use.


VLT FROM 5% to 80% IR Rejection 80% to 95% UV Rejection up to 400 nano meter 99.9%


This 1 Ply film has excellent shrinkage qualities, easy to work with for all installers. The 70 VLT version with high Visual Light transmission and Excellent UV rejection, Infra-red heat rejection and Long Service life is a favorite of Home owners and Architects.


Enjoy the visibility while being protected from UV and IR rays


Skin Care Series Visual Light Transmitted Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) UV Rejected 400nm Thickness Ply
SCF03 4% 74.6% 99.9% 1.8mil 1
SCF15 15% 79% 99.9% 1.8mil 1
SCF30 32% 70% 99.9% 1.8mil 1
SCF70 71% 54% 99.9% 1.8mil 1
HPS-SCF35 35% 68% 99.9% 3mil 2
HPS-SCF50 50% 60% 99.9% 3mil 2

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