STC AVF provides 24-hour preventative protection against Bacteria and Viruses due to the constant action of its coating to hinder their growth and transfer.

The permanent antiviral nano coating on the film uses invisishield™ technology.  These reactive positively charged ions break down the membrane of Bacteria and Viruses thus preventing their proliferation between the regular cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Both SGS the world’s leading inspection, verification, and certification company, and SITU product test laboratory for antimicrobial and analytical lab services, have certified that it possesses 99.9% effectiveness against viruses and bacteria, plus to be human safe.

Product Benefits:  Ongoing powerful antimicrobial & anti- viral action, safe for humans.

The STC antiviral films provide a relevant and reliable solution to meet hygiene and safety requirements 24/7.

Film is composed of extruded PET film of 37microns, coated with nano antimicrobial agents, intended for antimicrobial protection of glass surfaces in areas that require a high degree of hygiene (public areas, schools, hospitals, buses, taxis, metro, etc.).

All in all, it is important for us to all become more health conscious and protect ourselves in as many ways as possible. STC anti-viral film does just that.  A layer of invisible protection no matter where your business is or what you do.   What is the goal of this film?  Reduce the chance that any bacteria and virus can grow and transfer.


Available in Following Specs:

VLT From 3% To 70% IR Rejection 75% to 95%

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